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ULVER Cover Prince's "Thieves in the Temple"

June 17, 2008

ULVER have posted a cover of Prince’s “Thieves in the Temple,” a track originally released on Prince’s 1990 album, Graffiti Bridge.  For the cover, ULVER collaborated with female soul singer and Wyclef Jean protégée, Siri Stranger.

The Norwegian outfit downplay their own participation and relationship to Prince stating, “Prince is not our familiar, but we appreciate his spirituality and sensibility, manifest in this song. We are thieves in his temple.”

ULVER’s cover is part of a massive 81-track, 5-CD tribute titled, Shockadelica: 50th Anniversary Tribute to the Artist Known as Prince, released on C+C Records.

Info on the label website about the release reads: “An overwhelming compilation by the finest Norwegian artists doing their all-time favourite Prince songs. Shockadelica is a genre-breaking compilation where all musical categories are represented. We have gathered Norway’s finest jazz musicians, heavy metalists, pop, electro, rock, country, blues, gospel choirs, Norway’s most famous boy choir, avantgarde, soul, funk, jazz-rock, noise, humourists, singer/songwriters, hip hop-producers, Prince cover bands and dance artists. Even the national symphony orchestra KORK is represented. This is more than just a Prince tribute album. This is actually EVERYTHING the Norwegian musical scene has to offer 2008. All is made with love to the world’s greatest artist ever, Prince. The 5 CD-compilation is one time offer, 5000 copies limited edition only.”

For full tracklisting and artists involved, click here: