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ULVER: Cryptic Update On Forthcoming Effort, Blood Inside

June 25, 2004

ULVER, who were recently in Los Angeles working on their forthcoming new album, Blood Inside, dropped a cryptic update regarding those recording sessions:

“Los Angeles was strange. Blood Inside, gold outside. Friggin’ Frank Zappa’s guitar player, Mike Keneally, ended up going mad over our record. We are proud to probably not use much of it. We also had Tom McRae with band over for a day of improvising for the film Uno. Some sort of moon unit we were in Ronan’s own Woodstock, with pianos, acoustic guitars, cello, violin and of course Rhodes. We have four hours on record which will be edited down for an ‘unplugged’ disc accompanying the final film score. Still in the making. Uno opens the Haugesund International Film Festival in August.

“The score for Mona J. Hoel’s film entitled Salto, Salmiakk og Kaffe is done. Featuring Sámi siren Mari Boine and percussionist Marilyn Mazur, who’s played with Miles Davis for crying out loud. We make a CD for you.”