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ULVER Finalize Remix Album and New EP

February 12, 2003

ULVER’s long-awaited remix album entitled, Ulver 1993-2003: 1st Decade in the Machines, is finally done and scheduled for a March release through Jester Records. Here is the final list of remix participants: ULVER, ALEXANDER RISHAUG, INFORMATION, THIRD EYE FOUNDATION, UPLAND, BOGDAN RACZYNSKI, MARTIN HORNTVETH, NEOTROPIC, STARS OF THE LID, FENNESZ, PITA, JAZZKAMMER, V/Vm, and MERZBOW. In order to meet the release deadline, some previously mentioned artists/mixes were left out.

Meanwhile, an EP of new music entitled, A Quick Fix of Melancholy, will be released in April. The EP contains three tracks clocking in at over 30 minutes total, and the music is said to reflect the album title. G. (a.k.a. Garm, Trickster G, Kristoffer G. Rygg) performs vocals on the track “Vowels” with words by Canadian author Christian Bök.

Lastly, ULVER’s Svidd Neger soundtrack has been pushed back slightly for a late May, early June release.