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ULVER Releases Trickling Down the Pipeline

December 20, 2002

ULVER’s plethora of upcoming releases (movie score, remix album, remake album, cover songs, new EP) are slowly taking shape.

First, their score for Swedish film, Svidd Neger, is near completion and will be released through Jester Records in parallel with the film premiere in March 2003. The music is said to be more elaborate than the abstract minimalism of their recently released Lyckantropen movie soundtrack.

The band’s remix album, 1st Decade in the Machines, marking their ten year anniversary, is set for a February 2003 release. Several remix participants include MERZBOW, NEOTROPIC, BOGDAN RACZYNSKI, THIRD EYE FOUNDATION, KEVIN DRUMM, FENNESZ, and STARS OF THE LID among others. ULVER themselves have also reworked the track “Nattleite” from their second album, Kveldssanger.

Unfortunately the band’s previously reported string remake of Nattens Madrigal has been postponed (no explanation given).

In other ULVER release news, the band plan a future cover album stemming from their positive experience covering LEE HAZLEWOOD’s “The Night Before (which will be included on a forthcoming Jester Records complilation). Also in the works is another EP to be titled A Quick Fix of Melancholy. No further details are available regarding these future releases.