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December 5, 2004

As reported earlier this year, DARK TRANQUILLITY’s The Gallery and The Mind’s I will be reissued and available in the U.S. for the first time.

The band provides this latest update in their status:

“For various reasons, these projects were postponed for a while, but we just heard from the labels involved that the albums will see the light of day early next year. The exact release dates will follow as soon as they’re confirmed…”

The Gallery tracklisting:
1. “Punish My Heaven
2. “Silence, and the Firmament Withdrew
3. “Edenspring
4. “The Dividing Line
5. “The Gallery
6. “The One Brooding Warning
7. “Midway Through Infinity
8. “Lethe
9. “The Emptiness from Which I Fed
10. “Mine is the Grandeur…
11. “…Of Melancholy Burning
12. “Bringer of Torture” (KREATOR cover)
13. “Sacred Reich” (SACRED REICH Cover)
14. “22 Acacia Avenue” (IRON MAIDEN cover)
15. “Lady in Black” (MERCYFUL FATE cover)
16. “My Friend of Misery” (METALLICA cover)

The Mind’s I tracklisting:
1. “Dreamlore Degenerate
2. “Zodijackyl Light
3. “Hedon
4. “Scythe, Rage and Roses
5. “Constant
6. “Dissolution Factor Red
7. “Insanity’s Crescendo
8. “Still Moving Sinews
9. “Atom Heart 243.5
10. “Tidal Tantrum
11. “Tongues
12. “The Mind’s Eye
13. “Razorfever
14. “Shadowlit Façade
15. “Archetype
16. “Zodijackyl Light” (video)
17. “Hedon” (video)