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U.S. Release Dates Announced For New MY DYING BRIDE Record

January 14, 2004

MY DYING BRIDE’s new album, Songs Of Darkness, Words Of Light, will be released in the U.S. by Peaceville Records on March 9th in CD format while Infinite Vinyl (a sub-label of The End Records) will release it on March 29th in LP format.

Recorded at Academy Studios under the always watchful eye of Mags, Songs of Darkness, Words of Light is already highly anticipated by U.S. fans, following the band’s return to doom form on 2001’s The Dreadful Hours. The album recalls echoes of the band’s crowning early 90’s album, Like Gods Of The Sun, adding to it a light-and-shade writing process which has birthed possibly the six-piece band’s most commercial song to date - the graceful “My Wine In Silence.”

The full track listing includes “The Wreckage of My Flesh,” “The Scarlet Garden,” “Catherine Blake,” “My Wine in Silence,” “The Prize of Beauty,” “Blue Lotus,” “And My Fury Stands Ready,” and “A Doomed Lover.” Album artwork is by Andy Green, who worked with the band for 1998’s Like Gods Of The Sun.

MY DYING BRIDE are currently completing work on their first video in nearly five years, for the album track “The Price of Beauty.”