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VADER Give Band Update

January 27, 2003

Here is a band update from VADER’s vocalist/guitarist:
“We’ve just returned from South America, which was the end of the first part of Revelations World Tour.

“The last four months (with only ten days break…) we spent being traveling and playing almost 40 shows in Europe, 5 in Japan, 26 in US and - for a first time in Vader’s history - 7 concerts in Brazil and Colombia!!!!!! That was one of the longest, best organized and with great response tour and….it was just ’the first chapter’!!! Next shows next year and it’s gonna be plenty of them.

“Yeah, the next year is over…It was real intense but very well for all of us. For all what happened in 2002 we’d like to THANK YOU ALL!!!!! FOR YOUR PASSION, TRUST IN VADER, YOUR METAL ATTITUDE, and BROTHERHOOD… THANX!!!!!! IN THE NEW YEAR WE ALSO WISH YOU ALL DREAMS COME TRUE!!!! BE STRONGER THEN EVER AND KEEP THE FLAMES OF PASSION BURNING FOREVER!!!!! STAY POWERFULL, CREATIVE, JOYOUS AND FREE!!!!! See you soon again!!!!!”

Peter & VADER