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VADER Survive Auto Accident; The Beast Almost Ready

July 5, 2004

Polish deathmachine, VADER, were involved in a serious auto accident on 6/30/04. They had just finished up the first part of their European tour and had been driving down A1 towards Torun (Poland) when the other bus hit them, throwing it out on the opposite lane. Cracked car, destroyed trailer, but fortunately the band, staff and equipment managed to escape unharmed.

In other news, the new album, The Beast, is almost finished. While the band is playing the first part of the European tour, Piotr Lukaszewski is mixing the album at Studio Gdansk and Jacek Wisniewski is drawing the album artwork and other graphics. The album is going to be mastered from 15th of July. The first single, including two new songs will be released on 25th of August with 4/2004 issue of Thrash’em All Magazine. The album will hit the market on 20th of September. The tracklisting is as follows: “Apopheniac,” “By Any Means Necessary,” “Choices,” “Dark Transmission,” “Firebringer,” “Insomnia,” “Out of the Deep,” “Stranger in the Mirror,” “The Sea Came in at Last,” and “The Zone.”