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VIRGIN BLACK: Release Date Set for Requiem - Mezzo Forte

January 24, 2007

The End Records has set a release date of April 3rd, 2007 for the new album from Australia’s gothic/classical/doom band VIRGIN BLACK, titled Requiem - Mezzo Forte. The album, part of the Requiem trilogy, will be the first installment (the 2nd of the trilogy) released and will be followed later on this year by Requiem ”“ Pianissimo and Requiem ”“ Fortissimo.

About the Requiem trilogy, singer/songwriter Rowan London comments, “Well, I feel like I’ve become a completely non-functioning part of society over the past two years. Requiem has been the most agonizingly difficult experience I have ever faced. On one side are the logistics of three albums, two and a half hours of music, and financing it all (orchestra included). The other side is the emotional toll; the far too many times I fell in a heap feeling that it would be impossible to succeed and coming oh so close to completely giving up the project. I take many a scar from this process and may never experience this kind of beautiful pain again.

”The albums haunt me with their poignancy and the lines I was literally recording when I received a call to say that my father had died in the most tragic of circumstances will forever shut out the world when played back. I find it surreal and befitting that I subsequently carried his body out of the funeral service held in the grand old church where we happened to record. As overdramatic as it sounds, I seriously sometimes felt like joining him. However, we persevered, and I listen to these vast creations and still can’t believe what we’ve managed here. We will proudly present them. Scarred and almost defeated, it will be such a joy to have a directly human experience on our most in-depth touring schedule ever, covering most of Europe and much of the U.S. I feel privileged to be able to begin in Australia with shows as guests for some one-off appearances by ARCTURUS, and look forward to announcing all the cities/countries that we will visit.” Adds fellow guitarist/songwriter Samantha Escarbe about the trilogy, “Each album has its own unique voice and expression, but essentially each needs the other to truly complete what is an intimidating undertaking both in respect to musical tradition and the inherent subject matter. I don’t expect people to understand it. I just wrote what I wanted to hear, what I needed to hear.”

Tracklisting for Requiem - Mezzo Forte: 01. “Requiem, Kyrie” 02. “In Death” 03. “Midnight’s Hymn” 04. “”¦And I am Suffering” 05. “Domine” 06. “Lacrimosa (I am blind with weeping)” 07. “Rest Eternal”