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WALLS OF JERICHO Vocalist Suffers Broken Nose, Two Black Eyes at Show

February 24, 2004

WALLS OF JERICHO vocalist Candace Kucsulain received a broken nose from an exuberant audience member while playing in Memphis last week. After stirring up a rabid pit, Kucsulain was the unintended recipient of a spinning fist. The formidable frontwoman, who was out in front of the monitors took the blow in stride and finished four more songs before the band ended their set. She suffered from her nose being knocked out of alignment, severe facial swelling and broken blood vessels around the eyes.

As stern as her music, Kucsulain continued the tour and will get her nose realigned during a rare day off. On the same day, she will even appear for a photo shoot with band members for the cover of Modern Fix Magazine. WALLS OF JERICHO are currently on tour to support their upcoming album, All Hail The Dead (out tomorrow). The group was actually on a solo date in-between shows with FROM AUTUMN TO ASHES when the accident happened. Look for the group when they begin their next tour with Jersey metal heroes, GOD FORBID, and BLOOD HAS BEEN SHED this week. Click here for tour dates.