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Watch NAPALM DEATH's Latest Video, "When All is Said and Done"

November 14, 2006

NAPALM DEATH’s latest music video has been posted for viewing here:

The track, “When All is Said and Done,” is taken from the band’s latest release Smear Campaign.  Vocalist Barney Greenway commented on the clip:

“It’s often hard given the short timeframe of a video to express all the ideas you’d like to, but I think the ‘When All Is Said And Done’ clip is a nice, short, sharp shock to the system. The idea was to try and compare and contrast the way that elitism drives (often violent) religious activity, and I think we achieved that alongside the usual charged live performance.

“That bit where you see me being pulled back by the guy with ropes (who is actually meant to be the guy from the Smear Campaign album cover) really fucking hurt quite a bit - rope burns and all that. Never let it be said that NAPALM DEATH doesn’t suffer for its art!”

NAPALM DEATH are currently on tour in Europe and will soon return to the U.S. for their own headlining tour with support from A LIFE ONCE LOST, DEAD TO FALL, and ANIMOSITY.  Check out this flyer for a full list of shows: