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WINDS' Andy Winter Provides Update On New Album

October 9, 2005

WINDS’ mastermind Andy Winter has provided an update on the writing process and approach of the new album:

“Considering that we have not really spoken much about details concerning the progress and direction of the new WINDS record so far, I think now is the right time to talk a little about how things are going and the direction we are taking. As the new album is in the process of being created, I have known for a while that it will be the most different album we have ever done. The reason for this is because our methods of working together have been different, and we have also undergone some changes in the way we come up with the material. Although the other members of WINDS aside from myself have contributed with material and creativity in the development of all our records, never before have basic ideas for compositions started with someone other than myself. This is an interesting prospect, because it has challenged me to think differently about how I approach our music and the compositional process in WINDS. Another new element that was introduced this time was the fact that I have also written and arranged several parts and entire compositions on guitar, which is something I have not done before. This has always been Carl’s duty entirely. Similarly, Carl has written basic ideas for string parts this time, which has usually been a shared duty between Lars and my self. I would also say that Jan Axel and I worked more closely together arranging the drum parts this time, and he has also influenced the shaping of several of the compositions that were pretty much so unfinished when he recorded the drums for them that he might as well have recorded the drums to nothing but thin air. In many places we have shaped the musical arrangements based on Jan Axel’s insanely complicated and intricate drum patterns, which Carl follows to the teeth on the guitar, like clockwork.

“These are just some examples of how we’ve found new ways to collaborate, and through changing the recipe, being able to come up with a different and even more interesting result. The methods of creating virtually every song has been different, so the new material is also much more varied and diverse, yet still uniquely WINDS, there is no doubt about that. There will be everything from acoustic/melodic parts, slower parts to really heavy and extreme parts, faster parts and progressive parts, and virtually everything in between.

“I have also known for a while that this would be a more progressive oriented record than our previous ones, but aside from being more technical it is also very epic, and I would say it has a darker atmosphere than any of our other albums have had. The one thing I didn’t realize at the time when most of the compositions were written is how much we have grown as musicians in the songwriting department since the last time we were in the studio together. I am convinced that if we look back at our musical careers in ten or twenty years, this will be the album we will choose to listen to ourselves. I am certain we have accomplished above and beyond what we thought our expectations of ourselves could have been, and truth be told I have never been this excited about finishing a record before. Whether or not it will see a release before or after the mid-point of 2006 is something I can’t really answer at this point. All I can say is that our focus is 100% on finishing the new record, and from this point on everything else has been put aside until that has been accomplished. That’s it for now. We will report in as soon as something happens that is worth mentioning. In the mean time, check out the new AGE OF SILENCE release due on The End Records / Candlelight Records on October 10th/11th.”