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WINDS Making Progress On New Album

October 20, 2004

Norway’s WINDS have provided the following update on the progress of the follow up the The Imaginary Direction of Time:

“Over the summer we entered Panser Studio in Oslo, Norway to record drums for the next and upcoming WINDS album. We had written nine compositions and felt the time was ready to begin manifesting the basic tracks for this effort. These compositions are in no way finished at this point, but Jan Axel (aka Hellhammer) laid down some of his most challenging and creative drumwork to date, which will serve as the foundation of what the record will be built upon.

“The entire studio process went really well, and we have to extend our gratitude to BT Pro Audio, SE Electronics, and not the least Audio Media Professional AS who were majorly involved in providing us with the mics and other gear we needed for these drum recordings. We will not speculate on when the next album will be ready, but we hope it will see a release towards the end of 2005, at which point you can expect to hear another fabulous yet also very different WINDS album.”