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WOLVERINE Finish Remixing New Album

August 7, 2003

WOLVERINE’s new album, Cold Light of Monday, is finally complete after the band decided to go back in the studio to remix the album. Here’s what the band had to say:

“We are back from Spacelab and we can tell you that we have a whole new album in our luggage. The difference between the first version and this new version is enormous. The sound is so much bigger and the mix is lightyears better than it was before. This coming week it will be mastered and then sent off to finally be printed. We are hoping to have it out sometime in September or October. We honestly believe that this album holds some of our best songs to date and we hope you will back us up on that once you hear the album!

“As you may understand we have waited a long time to be able to release this album. The obstacles have been enormous but we made it through and we are still determined to continue making music that we love for a long time to come. We truly appreciate every one of you out there who makes us company on this trip of ours. We have a long and interesting road ahead of us and this is definitely just the beginning.”

Here is the finalized tracklisting for the album (check out the cover art here):

01. “Dawn
02. “Sarah
03. “New Best Friends
04. “Tightrope
05. “Carousel
06. “Trust
07. “Pantomime
08. “Red Canvas
09. “Dusk
10. “Tied With Sin
11. “The Final Redemption