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WOLVERINE: "We Have Decided to Remix the Entire Upcoming Album"

April 22, 2003

Elitist RecordsWOLVERINE have announced that they will remix the entire new album, Cold Light of Monday, thus postponing its release. The official statement from the band reads:

“It’s with mixed feelings we have decided to remix the entire upcoming album, Cold light of Monday. In a way it’s sad that we feel the need to do it but on the other hand we are convinced that the result will be nothing but amazing. As it looks now we will head down to Spacelab in Germany again where we recorded our previous album The Window Purpose. All details are not finalized yet but that’s what we are aiming for right now anyway.

“This decision was first and foremost taken by the band but we have also spoken to our label Elitist Records and they also agree that this is a wise decision. When we started the mixing we had already used up our time in the studio because of technical problems. This meant that we had to work whenever the studio was available and that ultimately led to a result that we are not satisfied with. We love the songs on the album and we feel that we have to present them in the best way possible no matter the cost. Sure, this means that the album will be a bit delayed but on the other hand it will sound much better than it does now and we firmly believe that that’s what’s important. We hope you all agree with us!”

More information on Cold Light of Monday can be found here.