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YAKUZA Schedules Release Date for Transmutations

June 19, 2007

Chicago’s forward-thinking YAKUZA have confirmed the release date for the band’s recently completed full-length, Transmutations due out August 7 through Prosthetic Records. A listening party will take in the band’s hometown July 31 at The Liar’s Club, details will be confirmed shortly. “Exploration, experimentation, riding the line between the familiar and the foreign; the essential elements for YAKUZA have already been established,” frontman Bruce Lamont says about the band’s sound. “We are not interested in creating music that’s not easily definable. Our roots are firmly planted in metal - yes, but like life, the sounds here are not cut and dry. At times this record can be uplifting, cruel, celebratory and just downright fuckin’ mean.” Utilizing producer and established multi-instrumentalist Sanford Parker for the recording of Transmutations, YAKUZA couldn’t be happier with the album’s end sound: “Sanford was great to work with,” Lamont says. “We really feel he has refined his craft over the past half a dozen recordings he’s done. He’s known the band for a long time and helped with our last release, so he is already aware of our studio tendencies. With him the process felt almost effortless.” YAKUZA on tour 6/16 Blue Island, IL ”“ Kelly’s Irish Pub 7/31 Chicago, IL ”“ The Liar’s Club (Transmutations listening party)