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ZYKLON: Hard At Work On All Fronts

July 3, 2004

ZYKLON are confirmed for this year’s Hole in the Sky Festival in Bergen, Norway. ZYKLON will be playing alongside bands as VADER, KREATOR, DANZIG, and 1349. Also, Samoth (guitars) will be appearing in a special BATHORY all-star tribute band in honour of the mighty Quorthon. More info at

Samoth and Trym (drums) have recently participated in a WINDIR tribute as well, along with Cosmocrator (MINDGRINDER) and Invictus (DISCIPLIN). They recorded a brutal cover version of a WINDIR track in honour of Valfar. It will be released on a WINDIR tribute album this fall.

ZYKLON are now planning a new video for one of the tracks on Aeon. There will also be an Inferno Festival DVD, which will include several ZYKLON live tracks.

Lastly, the band have finally started rehearsing new tracks for the upcoming album.