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ZYKLON To Begin Songwriting Process For New Album

May 21, 2004

Norway’s ZYKLON have announced that they will be starting the songwriting process for their new album as well as the potential for releasing a future DVD release. Here is the news via the band’s official site:

“Soooo… Trym [drums] has just completed a month-long US tour with SATYRICON as a replacement for Frost. ZYKLON actually performed one show in north of Norway with Frost while he was away. During this time Samoth has actively been working on pre-production for some new material and now that Trym is back home the band can get started on rehearsing new ideas.

ZYKLON will be playing at the Party.San Open Air Festival in Germany on the 13th of August, and as of now this is the only confirmed show this summer. The band will focus on the new material in the next months, so there will be less activity on the live front for a while. It is, of course, very unfortunate that the band was never able to secure a US tour in connection with Aeon, but hopefully next time! However, the “Psyklon Aeon” video should be hitting the US airways anytime now!

“There might be some DVD material available soon too. The band was filmed at this year’s Inferno Festival and it looks like there might be a festival DVD. More news to follow! OK folks, that’s it for now. Enjoy the summer!”