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ZYKLON Working On New Material And Music Video

September 26, 2004

ZYKLON, featuring members of EMPEROR and MYRKSKOG, are currently working on material for the follow up to their sophomore album, Aeon. New song titles include “Vulture,” “Vile Ritual,” “Scum,” and “The Four Corners.” The band has re-signed with Candlelight Records for their third album.

They are also currently working on a new music video for the track “Core Solution.” The band’s first video, for the track “Psyklon Aeon,” can be viewed here. There’s still talk about a full-length live DVD. There will for sure be a few live tracks on the upcoming Inferno Festival DVD.

The track “Core Solution” was also just recently used in a trailer for an upcoming independent zombie movie (

The band are confirmed for the following shows:
10/16/04 John Dee, Oslo, Norway - “Special Guest” at RED HARVEST release party
11/6/04 headlining Aalborg Metal Festival, Denmark