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108 - A New Beat from a Dead Heart


Most artists would claim that they are driven by passion yet it’s sometimes difficult to feel an honest, untainted passion coming from such artists. Thankfully, 108 is the type of band that pours their heart and soul into their work and there’s no doubting that it’s real. A New Beat from a Dead Heart is as bludgeoning and heart pounding as it is charismatic. The well-written lyrics are really the heart of the album and you can feel them powering the heavy, inventive, and refreshing sonics. The material on the album displays the band’s knack for writing unique riffs and quality of playing skill while also retaining a strong degree of abrasiveness. Another strong quality of A New Beat from a Dead Heart is how quickly and effectively that 108 communicate to the listener. It doesn’t take long to relate and feel the power within the music whether the subject is about the United States’ war in the Middle East, disillusionment with the evils of human nature, or longing for an ideal world. But then again, isn’t that the mark of a good hardcore band? The album is one of the year’s stronger albums and is a declaration that 108 are one of the genre’s top bands. (Deathwish Inc.)