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A STATIC LULLABY - ...And Don't Forget to Breathe


These newcomers from Northern Cali make their full-length debut with …And Don’t Forget to Breathe. Like many of their contemporary-hardcore peers, A STATIC LULLABY meld together hardcore, emo, and indie rock minus the melodic Swedish death metal riff-offs. The keyword to describe the album is “subtle.” The songs are peppered with subtly catchy riffs and clean vocal lines. The guitar work is a welcome step above many of their peers in the fact that they throw in some subtle technicality and taste into their playing. …And Don’t Forget to Breathe thrives best on its ability to convey an emo-tional vibe. The album is more about the delicate emotional introspection than in-your-face aggression. But don’t get A STATIC LULLABY wrong, they can certainly rock out when needed. This is surely a solid debut album of quality songs. This is all topped off by an excellent production job by Steve Evetts (SEPULTURA, SNAPCASE). A STATIC LULLABY doesn’t break new ground by any stretch but are a quality addition to the scene. (Ferret Music)