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L.A.’s ABYSMAL DAWN executes tight, well-written songs that deliver ample helpings of melody while simultaneously pummeling the listener with concise blasts of death metal fury. From the opening epic instrumental, “Impending Doom,” to the final scorching album closer, “Crown Desire,” ABYSMAL DAWN offer one of the most promising debuts in quite some time. To their credit, the band keeps things short and to the point, trimming away fat and filler in favor of substance. The band also deliver a fresh stab at the classic death metal sound infusing technical thrash into the fray with hints of European death and black metal being thrown in the pot as well. From Ashes for the most part, is a guitar driven album with shredders, Charles Elliot and Jaime Boulanger, trading off leads like seasoned pros, as evidenced on “In the Hands of Death,” “Solitude’s Demise” and “State of Mind.” Fortunately, the leads compliment the songs with something musically memorable as opposed to a noodling wank fest with two guys trying to out Yngwie-each other. With that said, drummer Terry Barajas is certainly no slouch, offering up flurries of double-bass, cymbal chokes, blast beats and fills throughout the album’s nine tracks. All in all, an impressive debut filled with potential as well as refreshing take on modern melodic death metal. (Crash Music)