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AGALLOCH - The Mantle


AGALLOCH have sculpted a beautiful piece of art with The Mantle. They are an anomaly of sorts in the fact that they are one of the very few US bands to play this style of metal. Dark metal contemporaries such as EMPYRIUM, BLAZING ETERNITY, and TENHI are all European bands. _The Mantle _ paints a desolate, depressing picture with the use of solemn atmospherics. Acoustic guitars, clean electric guitars, and subdued, solemn vocals are the main instruments of choice. The atmospheric vibes of PINK FLOYD can be heard throughout, especially during some of the lead guitar passages. The band also utilizes a variety of instruments such as piano, mandolin, and wood chimes. Each song delicately floats across the mental landscape with dark nihilistic words strewn across it. Yet among the bleak atmospheres, one can feel this sense of hope and life. There’s a good chance that it will take over 20 listens for one to really have everything sink in and make sense. But once it does, the understanding that this is a dark metal masterpiece will be perfectly clear. (The End Records)