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AGE OF SILENCE - Acceleration


Norway’s newest all-star group, AGE OF SILENCE, brings forth another distinctly Norwegian, progressive-minded album. The band is composed of Lazare (BORKNAGAR, SOLEFALD) on vocals, Eikind (WINDS) on bass/vocals, Hellhammer (MAYHEM, WINDS, ARCTURUS) on drums, Andy Winter (WINDS) on keyboards, Extant and Kobbergaard (BY PALE LIGHT) on guitars. Acceleration is a unique work that occupies a place somewhere in the same area of the musical universe as WINDS, SOLEFALD, and ARCTURUS. Lazare leads the band with his soaring choir-like vocals through tales of urban decay, desolation, and drudgery. Those new to his lyrical work will be highly impressed by his eloquent and creative approach to writing. Eikind aka Lars Eric Si also brings his vocal talents to the mix which results in some cool vocal interplay between him and Lazare. Andy Winter provides an excellent performance of piano, strings, and horns that act as an equal partner in the sonic tapestries rather than being relegated to mere “background music.” As always, Hellhammer lays down another well-rounded performance of intelligent beats and tasty fills. AGE OF SILENCE shine brightest when each player makes their presence known (i.e. “The Flow at 9:30 am,” “90° Angles,” and “Synthetic, Fabricated, Calculated”). Acceleration is a stimulating and interesting body of work that should serve as just a starting point for greater things to come. (The End Records)