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AKERCOCKE - Antichrist


London’s AKERCOCKE are a band who seem more dangerous on the surface than their comparably cartoony, devil-worshiping peers. However, their latest album, Antichrist, doesn’t particularly instill any fear. Their “progressive” mix of death metal and black metal is a collection of interesting ideas but marred by ho-hum execution (perhaps due to the bland production). Furious death/grind blasts complete with guttural growls are interspersed between atmospheric black metal fury. But the genre “blending” is too much and unfocused. The drums, in particular, click away in the background but never make an attempt at accentuating any riffs or changes. This lack of dynamics trips up the “real” songs on Antichrist. At least the interludes (like “The Promise” and “Epode”), comprised of straight-forward singular ideas, are interesting enough to listen all the way through. Those new to extreme metal may find Antichrist to be a worthy release, but seasoned listeners may liken Antichrist to a band’s first demo…not fifth full-length album. (Earache Records)