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ALL OUT WAR - Condemned To Suffer


One of the most brutal bands out of New York break their five year silence with Condemned To Suffer. With their combination of brutal 80’s thrash metal (SLAYER, KREATOR, NUCLEAR ASSAULT) and old school New York hardcore sound of the CRO-MAGS, these guys specialize in playing the classic definition of “crossover.” The opening track, “Straight Towards Extinction, “ sets the tone with its ultra-thick SLAYER riffs and unrelenting attitude. ALL OUT WAR then proceed to take you on an apocalyptic trip of humanity’s ills through the next eleven tracks. You’ll feel like you’re in living in a cold, lonely reality once they’re done with you. The ominous (and numerous) SLAYER riffs on Condemned To Suffer don’t help to lighten up the tone either. The doomy and violent lyrics are reminiscent of classic 80’s thrash where lyrics as well as album covers often depicted the end of the world. It’s not all about speed or breakdowns either, they show that they can create atmosphere as well with the “Spill The Blood”-like “Destined To Burn.” Condemned To Suffer is simply a solid, quality album. Fans should not fret, ALL OUT WAR have delivered in the way that comeback albums are supposed to be like. (Victory Records)