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ALL SHALL PERISH - Hate.Malice.Revenge.


Although released on a small Japanese label two years ago, Hate.Malice.Revenge. finally sees a proper release courtesy of Nuclear Blast. Throughout the years, the band has toured with a variety of hardcore and death metal bands, establishing themselves as a force in both scenes. Musically, the band offers a little of both as they successfully combine crushing hardcore breakdowns with catchy technical, death metal riffing. There aren’t any weak moments on the album and the band impresses at every turn from opening track, “Deconstuction,” to the closing, “Herding the Brainwashed.” ALL SHALL PERISH offer something for every extreme music fan. Fans of everything from SKINLESS and DYING FETUS to HATEBREED and THROWDOWN will find something to like. If you are tired of fluffy fashioncore bands who are more concerned with makeup and hairspray than writing quality music, and want something with power, substance, and technical skill all performed with conviction, then get a little Hate.Malice.Revenge. in your life. I look forward to their next onslaught. (Nuclear Blast Records)