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ALLEGAEON - Formshifter

Allegaeon - Formshifter

First things first, a big apology goes out to ALLEGAEON for not checking them out sooner.  This is one of the coolest new bands in the underground.

Formshifter is a scorching record of passion, fiery guitar work, and pulsating rhythms.  For the sake of description, picture a death metal version of NEVERMORE, early SOILWORK, early IN FLAMES, Heartwork-era CARCASS with a modern and progressive feel.  The brilliant guitarwork cannot be understated.  Guitarists Ryan Glisan and Greg Burgess put on a clinic of technical proficiency, catching riffing, strong melodies,  and straight out speed.   It is just a pleasure to hear them play.

Don’t let any kind of labeling (i.e. “technical death metal”) negatively affect  your willingness to check out FormshifterALLEGAEON will reward you again and again. (Metal Blade Records)