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AMON AMARTH - Versus the World


Versus the World sees AMON AMARTH once again revisiting familiar waters. You can expect to hear their trademark brand of Swedish death metal with Viking and mythological themes. From the very first note, the music immediately conjures up mental images of mighty Viking warriors charging into battle. Armed with melancholic melodies, pounding drums, and the convincing roar of Johan Hegg, AMON AMARTH easily plow through the nine songs. But it just feels like the band is sticking too closely to the same formula. The songs also have a tendency to sound too similar to each other. This results in the songs lacking in individual character. Overall, Versus the World is still a good, solid album. People new to the band will certainly be impressed. Something must be said about the artwork. It’s heading into the cheesy territory of MANOWAR. It distracts and subtracts from the serious nature of the music. Plus the goofy band photos don’t help their cause. The album includes a second disc that includes their first two demos and their first EP, Sorrow Through the Nine Worlds. This second disc alone is worth buying for its collection of rarities. Overall, this is a strong package for fans. Just don’t expect to hear much musical evolution. (Metal Blade)