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AMORPHIS - Skyforger


So as a studious and true underground metal warrior you probably loved AMORPHIS’ masterpiece, Silent Waters. The big question surrounding Skyforger is if it was as good as its predecessor. Well, Skyforger is essentially part two of Silent Waters in basically every way. Opting not to change stylistically, as was AMORPHIS’ modus operandi in the past, they’ve written a record that is yet another excellent album. Those fantastic vocal lines, sweeping sweet melodic riffs, AMORPHIS-style progressive influences, Finnish folk influences, and simply compelling songs are all back. Listening to Skyforger is a truly enjoyable and invigorating experience. You can sit back and relax as AMORPHIS flawlessly and masterfully glides through ten perfect songs. Yes, perfect. Vocalist Tomi Joutsen further shows why he is the best vocalist the band has ever had, and is simply one of the best vocalists in metal. That may seem like a big claim to the ignorant but AMORPHIS fans know this to be true. Skyforger’s quality is not an issue up for debate. Do yourself a favor and purchase (yes, I said purchase) a copy of AMORPHIS’ latest masterpiece. (Nuclear Blast Records)