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Anaal Nathrakh  - Vanitas

Let’s cut to the chase - Vanitas is a killer album.   Carrying on the tradition of great music from Birmingham, the duo of ANAAL NATHRAKH continue to prove why they are among extreme metal’s elite.

While their debut album, The Codex Necro, was an exercise is pure extremity, ANAAL NATHRAK have steadily expanded the definition of their sound through the years.    Vanitas, their seventh album, features the band’s best songwriting and most diverse work to date.  “Todos Somos Humanos” and “You Can’t Save Me, So Stop F*cking Trying” sees the band injecting subtle industrial electronic elements to add an additional dimension of extremity.   There is a great epic and triumphant black metal feel throughout accented by the clean vocal parts of Dave Hunt.  Blazing black metal melodies, eerie dissonance, attacking drums, and just great, hooky riffs are all over Vanitas.

Sure, one can tell some of the major influences of EMPEROR, DARK FUNERAL, and the like on the band.  However, where ANAAL NATHRAKH distinguish themselves in the level of sheer extremity and violence led by Dave Hunt.  No other vocalist in extreme metal creates such raw, tortured, agonized, and balls out screams and cries.  And that is preciously what puts them over the top.  Listening to Dave’s vocals is just awesome.

Vanitas is not only ANAAL NATHRAKH’s best work to date but also one of the best albums to come out in recent years.  (Candlelight Records)