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ANATHEMA - A Natural Disaster


Great songs often emerge from deep emotions…love, hate, hope, etc. ANATHEMA, conversely, are the kings of crafting songs that are virtually capable of drawing out such emotions from the listener…particularly emotions of pain and despair. The band’s latest, A Natural Disaster, achieves just that. The album is an epic that pushes and pulls the listener with everything from haunting melodies to FLOYD-ian soundscapes and crashing even metallics. From the droning psychedelia of “Closer,” to the comforting simplicity of “Are You There?,” to the urgency of the upbeat rocker “Pulled Under at 2000 Metres a Second,” A Natural Disaster is musically complete and artistically effective. Whereas the band’s last album, A Fine Day to Exit, was more linear from track to track, each song on A Natural Disaster is its own unique chapter that moves the listener in different ways. Simplistic yet ambitious, A Natural Disaster is far from tragic. (Music For Nations/Koch)