ANATHEMA – We’re Here Because We’re Here

It feels like it’s been a lifetime since the release of a new ANATHEMA album and the waiting has been taxing on fans. No doubt there have been various legitimate reasons for the length of time, including turmoil within the band and business issues. Now, onto the positive side of things…We’re Here Because We’re Here is absolutely fantastic.

The aura of positivity and hope is embodied in everything about the record, even on the more sublime songs. Just look at the cover artwork. Despite the fact that ANATHEMA has made a career of depressing and melancholic music, We’re Here Because We’re Here somehow fits perfectly into their catalogue. Even a song titled “Angels Walk Among Us” works. In the same manner in which their melancholic songs lifted one’s spirit, these songs do the same.

Stylistically, this is the further evolution of their unique style of atmospheric, emotional prog. The music is lush and rich without sounding overpowering or overdone. The song arrangements are dynamic and nearly flawless. Every member of the band can clearly be heard and lend their collective voices to create the synergy that can be heard. Subtle traces of their doom metal roots can be heard here and there.

No disrespect to ANATHEMA‘s previous two albums, A Natural Disaster and A Fine Day to Exit, but We’re Here Because We’re Here is the band’s strongest effort since Judgment. The latter is just so complete, full, and solid.

The bottom line is one of the best bands in the scene is back and the world is a better place for it. Welcome back, ANATHEMA. We missed you. (The End Records)

Anathema – Everything by TomosBlack

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