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...AND OCEANS - Cypher


The grossly underrated and unique entity known as …AND OCEANS return with a new album. The band fuse black metal with industrial/electronica elements into a futuristic and violent sound. Cypher contains the band’s most catchiest and interesting material to date. The songs have catchy riffs galore and choruses that’ll have you chanting along. …AND OCEANS rely less on just sheer extremity (like conventional extreme metal) and more so on creating solid songs. Vocalist, Kenny spouts out apocalyptic words of mankind’s past, present, and future. His lyrics are cleverly written, insightful, and quite poetic. Cypher is blaring with cross-over appeal into the industrial/electronica genres. “Voyage: Lost Between Horizons: Eaten By The Distance” could easily be a hit in the electronica world with its infectious keyboard lines and drum beats. Cypher is definitely an album that deserves to be heard by the people. It offers something more to the scene as a whole than 99% of the rehashed shit out there. (Century Media)