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ANODYNE - Lifetime Of Gray Skies


Boston’s ANODYNE won’t be relieving you of any symptoms as Lifetime of Gray Skies serves up a tasty, stroke-inducing wall of noise. Letting up only for an extended, six-minute, experimental/noise jam in “Blood Meridian,” ANODYNE come choo-chooing like a train on a non-stop mission to destroy. Driven by the frenetic drumming of Joel Stallings, who is rhythmic, percussive, and totally all-out blasting, the 13-track album can only be described as the misunderstood orphan of Mr. Noisecore and Ms. Grindcore. The riff-o-rama gets a little buried in the mix (as do the vocals) but it serves to give their sonic assault both atmosphere and texture. Put on your headphones, hold your breath, and get your ass kicked. Chaos never sounded so good! (Level Plane Records)