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ANSUR - Axiom


Norway’s ANSUR make their debut in grand and powerful fashion with Axiom. Their sound may be best described as progressive black metal with shades of other extreme metal influences. While the band proudly carry a distinctly Norwegian sound, they follow their own path as they twist, blast, and march forth with excellent technical, progressive riffing. There is a refreshing integration of acoustic/clean guitars, which only further adds another dimension to their distinct sound. Subtle use of synthesizers helps to create an almost movie-like atmosphere. Throughout Axiom’s six tracks (clocking in at 43:56), ANSUR paint a post-apocalyptic landscape of desolation and darkness. The epic ending track, “The Axiom Depicted,” brings it all together and displays some of Axiom’s best moments. There’s no denying that ANSUR have proven here that they have the talent and unique vision to power themselves for years to come. Album number two should be quite a work to behold. (Candlelight Records/Nocturnal Art Productions)