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ANTIMATTER ??" Lights Out


The follow up to last year’s Savior comes quicker than expected from this highly talented band. ANTIMATTER have crafted a powerfully rich and haunting album of ambient dark rock. The potent songwriting combo of Duncan Patterson (ex-ANATHEMA) and Mick Moss do not disappoint here. The album is more stripped down and more ambient than its critically acclaimed predecessor. Lights Out’s sound is a combination of traditional (guitars, bass, drums, piano) and electronic/synthesized instrumentation (percussion, strings, flute, organ) as well as male and female vocals. The songs are primarily written on a foundation of acoustic guitars and bass with hypnotic percussion (both natural and synthesized). The vocal lines are as well written as they are performed. The emotional vocal delivery of Mick Moss, Hayley Windsor, and Michelle Richfield really captures the feel of the album. Perhaps, an explanation for the album’s hypnotic nature lays in the fact that the delicate percussion seems to mirrors the tempo of a human heartbeat. Lights Out is just a surreal journey into another reality of melancholic soul searching. The soulful listening experience is akin to that of bands such PINK FLOYD, ANATHEMA, and RADIOHEAD. ANTIMATTER have crafted one of the year’s most powerful albums. Lights Out is an amazing piece of music that deserves to be heard by the masses. (The End Records)