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As the very whiteness of Saviour’s artwork suggests, ANTIMATTER is an empty canvas utilized by Duncan Patterson (former ANATHEMA bassist) to dabble his otherworldly ideas not bounded by the limitations of all things metal; however, one may find the white theme misleading as Saviour is, from the very onset, dark and haunting. ANTIMATTER (which also features Mick Moss) evokes the elements of post-apocalyptic metal, centering around minimalist dark metal (a la MONUMENTUM) meets ambient-electronic soundscapes dressed mostly with female vocals. While the minimalist elements take precedence, ANTIMATTER is at their best when they push forward with melodic, beat-driven PORTISHEAD-esque passages. Beats, whether electronic or acoustic, provide a necessary backdrop for the splendid vocals of Michelle Richfield (who once recorded with DOMINION) and Hayley Windsor. The album amounts to an intriguing collection of tunes spearheaded by the most song-like track, “Over Your Shoulder”, which sounds much like a stripped down version of a latter-day ANATHEMA tune. On the other end of the palette is the track, “God is Coming” which crashes down layers of beats and samples in the vein of Evanescence-era SCORN. Although shrouded in simplicity, ANTIMATTER has much to offer…Saviour is eclectic yet minimalistic by nature. (The End Records)