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ANUBIS RISING - Scales of Truth


In Los Angeles, the local talent is not much to write about. Most of the bands are either third rate and/or generic-as-fuck. But ANUBIS RISING is an exception. Scales of Truth is their third release and demonstrates their largest growth in songwriting skill. ANUBIS RISING mix various styles of death metal, black metal, 70’s progressive rock, and punk influence into one epic doom laden sound. Each song, which clocks in at over eight minutes apiece, is a nihilistically tripped out journey with peaks and valleys. One second, the song will be chaotic and the next second, it’ll be very somber and subdued. Vocalist/guitarist, Sacha Dunable, alternates between high-pitched black metal-like screams and low guttural growls. Bassist/vocalist, Matt Snell, plays his bass the way bass was meant to be played. He makes his presence known with strong basslines and lead bass sections. There are quite a few parts that bring to mind prog greats such as PINK FLOYD, KING CRIMSON and CAMEL. The band use a healthy amount of effects pedals to further convey this tripped out prog sound. OPETH are perhaps the biggest influence on Scales of Truth. There are plenty of riffs, melodies, and song structures that are reminiscent of OPETH’s first four albums. “Personification of Time” has a great middle break with a driving riff that calls to mind Kill ‘Em All-era METALLICA. “Crook & Flail” has a skull-crushing riff that incorporates the finger-tapping of CANNIBAL CORPSE with the rhythm of 80’s SLAYER. The best moment of the mini-LP has to be the last section of the aforementioned song. The song ends with somber guitar melodies and lead guitar that sound like one is watching a burning red sunset. Scales of Truth demonstrates a level of originality and songwriting skill that show a band deserving of more recognition by the underground at large. (Transgalactic Ladder)