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Finally, two bands from California that sound unlike any number of trendy, one-hit wonders currently flooding the scene. The first half belongs to ANUBIS RISING. Their first song “Infinite Self-Perpetuation” combines elements of everything from European doom metal, progressive rock, hardcore to psychedelic rock- all with alternating death & black metal vocals. Over the next two songs, the band offers a variety of tempos & dynamics that trade -off between clean, mellow passages and thick, bludgeoning riffs. But while ANUBIS RISING use atmosphere to set up their heavier riffs, it’s full speed ahead for UPHILL BATTLE, who offer up a potent mix of math grind, extreme thrash, and even some black metal. The band almost never lets up, attacking the material with deadly precision (although they do slow it down for the final song, “Behind the Shadow”). Overall, these are strong, solid performances from two bands untainted by the numerous trends in the L.A. music scene. They choose the road less taken, bringing something new to the table instead of the same regurgitated scraps record companies try to feed us. (