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ASHRAM - Shining Silver Skies


Italian ensemble, ASHRAM, bring a new character to the table with their neo-classical sound. The band works within the traditional structure of classical music and seamlessly melds vocals over piano, violin, and some cello and guitar. Shining Silver Skies is composed of tranquil atmospheres and a sense of romanticism through out. ASHRAM are at their best when they venture into the sublime, melancholic realms. The songs presented here are quite varied as each song utilizes and spotlights the talents of each individual member. The strong piano work of Luigi Rubino lays down the foundation and violinist Sergio Panarella takes the lead and weaves strong themes. Sergo Panarella’s delicate and fragile vocals would certainly not be out of place in a cathedral. His best performance can be found in the album’s grandiose title track. Overall, Shining Silver Skies is quite an original album with some definite talent behind it. Strangely enough, the brilliant, compact instrumentals are the best songs on the album. If ASRHAM can further develop Sergo Panarella’s role and take full advantage of his talents, they can certainly take things to the next level. (Equilibrium Music)