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BALBOA - Manifeste Cannibale


After showing much promise and potential with their self-titled full length album, BALBOA promptly follow it up with their Manifeste Cannibale EP. Inspired by the current political and social climate of the United States, the band strike out with all their might. Their doomy/atmospheric European metal sound (KATATONIA, OPETH) has incorporated more straight up hardcore influences that bring in a harder hitting edge to these melancholic songs. BALBOA’s greatest strength is their ability to effectively communicate pure, raw emotions. You can feel their disillusionment and disgust at the way our country going. Their songwriting has improved in the fact that they’ve cut the fat out by streamlining the songs with a stronger sense of direction. “Kyoto” transitions well into somber passages from heavy, slamming riffs. “Manifeste Cannibale” and “End To Major Combat” demonstrate a good sense of dynamics with song progressions building to effective crescendos. While BALBOA haven’t broken the damn wide open with this release, it’s still a good sign of things to come as they continue to grow as artists. Here’s to hoping for a bright future. (Forge Again Records)