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BANE - The Note


BANE’s new album serves as an oasis for those suffering in the desert of the oversaturated and mediocre hardcore scene at large. As can be expected from some of Worcester, MA’s finest, The Note is another solid and inspiring album. Sticking to the general concepts of the hardcore ethos, BANE let the lyrics speak first and foremost. Much of The Note expresses the band’s feeling about questioning the honesty of the scene, their relevance within it, and their willingness to continue trying to stand and fight for what is “hardcore.” One can vividly feel the inner conflicts that the band have been struggling with. Backing up the lyrics is that trademark straight forward brand of uptempo hardcore that they have become known for. The age old, simple formula of tasteful and catchy riffs works wonders here. Let this album contribute to the death of what have become the irrelevancies that have been diluting the scene. If you’re looking for an inspiring dose of hardcore, look no further. (Equal Vision Records)