Beastmilk - ClimaxLet it be declared that BEASTMILK are destined for stardom.  In addition to their songwriting skills, charisma, and musicianship, these Finns have that special intangible that separates the stars from the merely “really cool” bands.

While a long list of bands and labels, such as JOY DIVISION, BAUHAUS, SISTERS OF MERCY, DANZIG, post-punk meets gothic rock, etc., could be used to describe their sound, the band describe themselves as “Apocalyptic death rock from Finland.”

From the first seconds of album opener “Death Reflects Us,” you are overcome with the instant classic feel of it all.  The huge chorus just sweeps over you and nirvana ensues.  The uber catchy songs don’t stop coming as Climax pushes forward.  And it’s not just about the hooks, BEASTMILK create a dark, haunting atmosphere that lends to their charisma.

The closer you listen to Climax, the more it’s clear how much each band member holds up their end.  Great musicianship all around.

BEASTMILK‘s debut full length, Climax, is an instant classic – one of those albums that you’ll be spinning nonstop and telling all your friends about.  Greatness is here.  (Magic Bullet Records/Svart Records)


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