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BEHOLD...THE ARCTOPUS - Nano-Nucleonic Cyborg Summoning


So you like math metal eh? So you want to hear some of the craziest, most technical shit around? Then BEHOLD…THE ARCTOPUS is the exact (instrumental) band that will not only satisfy your craving but overwhelm you to insane heights. Seriously, few, if any, technical progressive bands take things to such extremes as the band simply go for the mindfuck of a lifetime by playing, seemingly, a thousand notes/minute set to anything but basic 4/4 time signatures. Sure BEHOLD…THE ARCTOPUS include some calm, quieter sections on the album but you know the inevitable deluge of twisted notes is gonna come and sweep you away at any minute. Nano-Nucleonic Cyborg Summoning only includes five studio tracks but also includes four live tracks which may be even more impressive than the studio tracks in the fact that the performances sound flawless. Even if this style of music is not what you typically go for, these guys should be checked out, at least for the sheer novelty of it all. Few band have the chops to match these maniacs. (Metal Blade Records/Black Market Activities)