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Describing BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME as a “metalcore” band would be the biggest mistake you can make. This is a full-fledged metal band, a technical death metal band to be exact. Their influences run a large gamut of death metal bands such as CANNIBAL CORPSE, MORBID ANGEL, CRYPTOPSY, CYNIC, IMMOLATION and so on. There are some slight sprinkles of the frenzied stylings of DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN and even an EMPEROR-like song passage as well. The fourth track, “Mordecai,” exhibits the band’s prog ambitions. It brings a break from all the brutality and goes on a melodic and atmospheric trip in the vein of DREAM THEATER. They further that sound on “Reaction” with a PINK FLOYD-esque acoustic track. “Ad a dglgmut” also manages to merge both styles together into an ambitious seven-minute-plus affair. While admirable, the band’s attempts at writing prog rock unfortunately come off as lackluster. It sounds like the ideas were rushed and underdeveloped. After these excursions, The Silent Circus then shifts back to full death metal mode. There are plenty of cool frenzied and rabid moments when BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME rip on straight-ahead technical death metal, but there are certainly times when you can spot the riff or vocal line that was lovingly riffed off. Fans who are new to death metal as a genre will certainly go insane for this record. BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME are technically proficient, but they are rough around the edges in the songwriting department. Fortunately, the future looks very bright for this young band and is sure to bring that level of perfection that they are striving for. (Victory Records)