Beyond Creation - The AuraWhat comes to mind if I say that The Aura is progressive death metal from Quebec?  It’s got to be good, right?  Yes, BEYOND CREATION are a jaw dropping force.  They take what bands like latter era-DEATH, CYNIC, ATHEIST, and GORGUTS have done and take that to a new level of fiery intensity.

BEYOND CREATION balance melody, brutality, progressive and pure death metal influences into a well rounded album.  What is the heart of their sound is their absolutely amazing musical skills.  These gentlemen can simply smoke anyone.  Flurries of drum beats, lead fretless bass, and balls out guitar playing create a beautiful, controlled chaos.  But The Aura is not 11 songs of masturbation.  The songwriting is airtight and well thought out.

Look, there isn’t much left that needs to be explained or described.  Get out there and purchase a copy of the one of the best releases of 2013.  BEYOND CREATION will undoubtedly reach the legendary status of their heroes with more albums like these.  (Season of Mist)


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