BIOMECHANICAL – Cannibalised

Cannibalised‘s opening track, “Fallen in Fear,” is a fitting intro to this highly anticipated album. The song immediately erupts with a maddening fury of swelling symphonics that blow right into a ripping thrash-fest powered by vocalist John K‘s searing, Halford-2000 wails. It’s with that immediacy that you know you’re in for a rip-roaring metal album. Speaking of immediacy, the speed and energy with which BIOMECHANICAL perform at dominates with a superb sense of urgency. And with John K‘s killer voice, BIOMECHANICAL is nothing but brutal, intense, modern-day heavy metal magic. Each song radiates with their hypersonic, “extreme” JUDAS PRIEST ridiculousness. From the shredding guitars to the tireless drumming, the band’s execution is technical and flawless, but not overdone on progressive nerdism. Though most tracks steamroll through, like “The Unseen,” “Predatory,” and “Slow the Poison,” dynamics are aplenty with slower tempos, more majestic orchestrations, and acoustic simplifications on songs like “Breathing Silence,” “Consumed,” and “Through Hatred Arise.” Cannibalised secures BIOMECHANICAL‘s worthiness; however, with the departure of all members except John K following the recording’s completion, we can only hope the newcomers will be able to maintain the band’s unique brand of metallic muscle. (Earache Records)

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