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BIOMECHANICAL - The Empires Of The World


The Empires of the World is a shit-storm of razor-sharp metal that seems to be relatively rare these days. Although BIOMECHANICAL’s sound is relatively straight-up, they manage to throw down some heavy and exciting metal–imagine JUDAS PRIEST at 66.6 RPM! In fact, when vocalist John K hits his high-notes, he sounds like a dead-ringer to Halford or Ripper Owens. High-notes aplenty, the guitar-work offers up some screaming high frequency lead work that coupled with John K’s piercing highs and drummer Matt C’s trigged drum barrage, results in a fully violent sound thats full of muscle. Their less-than-refined sound fits them nearer with FORBIDDEN and SPIRAL ARCHITECT than, say, NEVERMORE or DREAM THEATER. Nevertheless, The Empires of the World kicks lots of ass. BIOMECHANICAL are certainly an exciting band worth keeping an ear on. (Elitist Records)