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While I’m not a big fan of live albums, (essentially, if you’re a fan, you pretty much own all the stuff performed, so it’s basically like buying shit you already own), BLACK SABBATH is a different story. As the title implies, Past Lives is a collection of older live material from the good old days. The first disc centers around performances from shows in London & Manchester (which originally appeared as **Live At Last**um not officially endorsed by the band, until its appearance here.). Standards such as “Paranoid”, “Sweet Leaf” and “War Pigs” (for those of you who just can’t get enough of those songs) are represented along with less familiar classics such as “Cornucopia” and the 18-min epic, “Wicked World”. The latter is a largely instrumental jam (complete w/ solos from everyone) and showcases SABBATH at their best, a heavy-rockin’ blues band. Disc one closes with the obscure “Paranoid”. But seriously, the real obscure tracks appear on disc two, beginning with “Hand of Doom” and ending with “Megalomania,” which have never appeared on any live SABBATH album. The rest of the songs you should already know by now. The sound quality is great, as well as the packaging, which includes a 20 page booklet jam-packed with classic old school photos. And with nearly 2 hours of material to listen to, what more do you need? (Sanctuary)